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TauroLock HEP100

TauroLock HEP100

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To meet the needs of different patients, we have developed a range of specialised catheter lock solutions. TauroLock™-HEP100 is an option for those who have previously used heparin as an anti-occlusive agent. 

Indication and effect

TauroLock™-HEP100 has been approved for instillation in all central-venous access systems. This lock solution prevents the formation of a bacterial biofilm and thereby protects patients against catheter-related infections. At the same time, it ensures a high patency rate. We recommend TauroLock-HEP100 for CVCs in oncology and parenteral nutrition.


TauroLock™-HEP100 contains three active ingredients:

  • taurolidine
  • heparin (100 units per ml)
  • citrate (4 %)

Taurolidine has a broad antimicrobial activity (incl. MRSA and VRE) against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and fungi (e.g. Candida). Heparin and citrate both help to prevent occlusions within the catheter. 


In-between treatment sessions, TauroLock™-HEP100 is instilled into the saline-flushed access system. Please note that medical staff must check the filling volume of the respective catheter or port system.

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